The bridge is a term used in the Auxiliary to refer to the elected leadership. These are members who have been elected by their unit to exercise authority over the flotilla’s operations.

Flotilla Bridge

Flotilla Commander Jones

Flotilla Commander Matt Jones

Vice Flotilla Commander Ash Kernen

Vice Flotilla Commander Ash Kernen

Immediate Past Flotilla Commander

Glenn Oldak


The flotilla staff officers are a body of members appointed by the Flotilla Commander to supervise a specific area within the scope of a flotilla’s affairs.*

Communications (CM) – Jim Weiler
Communications Services (CS) – Ash Kernen
Diversity (DV) – Daryl Stevenson
Finance (FN) – Charles (Allen) Stiteler
Human Resources (HR) – Glenn Oldak
Information Services (IS) – Hank Harrison
Materials (MA) – Jimmy DeLeon
Marine Safety (MS) – Justin Morgan
Member Training (MT) – flotilla supported
Navigation (NV) – flotilla supported
Operations (OP) – Ash Kernen
Program Visitation (PV) – Gary Papouschek
Public Affairs (PA) – Charles Miller
Publications (PB) – Charles Miller
Public Education (PE) – flotilla supported
Secretary (SR) – Allaire Corbett
Vessel Examination (VE) – Gary Papouschek