Past Flotilla Bridges

2017: FC Glenn Oldak / VFC Ash Kernen

2016: FC Ralph Onesti /Charles Miller (partial-year), VFC Charles Miller / Glenn Oldak (partial year)

2015: FC Glenn Oldak, VFC John Austin

2014: FC Glenn Oldak, VFC John Austin

2013: FC Dan Toms, VFC Glenn Oldak

2013: FC Jose Roman-Rivera, VFC Daniel Toms

2012: FC Jose Roman-Rivera, VFC Daniel Toms

2011: FC Henry Harrison, VFC Jose Roman-Rivera

2010: FC Clark Edwards, VFC Henry Harrison

Commodore Al Lewis Award Winners

The Commodore Al Lewis Award is given to the member (who must not be an elected officer for that year) who most closely meets the values of Commodore Lewis. This is in effect, flotilla member of the year.

2015: Charles Miller

2013: Glenn Oldak

2012: Jessica Zenquis-Davidson

2011: Daniel Toms

2010: Jose Roman-Rivera

2009: Henry Harrison

2008: No Recipient

2007: Clark Edwards

2006: Michael Fitzpatrick

2005: Muriel Lewis

2004: No Recipient

2003: Robert Freeman

2002: Dominic Biscardi

2001: Philip Heisler

2000: Paul Antal

1999: Muriel Lewis

1998: Emil Milano

1997: Harold Burks

1996: Paul Owens

1995: Linda Nelson

1994: Charles Lyman

1993: Patrick Cunningham

1992: Richard Kauffman


Flotilla Rookie of the Year

This award is given to the member who joined during the calendar year of award and proved to be the most enthusiastic and active of the new members that year.

2013: Robert Evans